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Thread: wire hair vizlas

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    wire hair vizlas

    i saw one of these beautiful dogs in a gamefair a few years ago & have wanted one ever since! but i've never really had the use for a gundog. but thats all starting to change & will be looking for something early next year...
    just wonderd what their really like to work with & why so many people seem to stick with pointers?

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    I've not had a vizla but have a GWP pup and a GSPx but none of them are dogs for the faint hearted, they need lots of work

    Also probably not the right dog for a first time gundog owner

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    Soother 223
    I have 2 WHV's a 6 year old dog and a 2 year old bitch, i use both for beating and picking up and they are 'FAB' they tick all the boxes as far as i'm concerned

    I'm new to stalking so have not had the chance to work them on deer but they have no problem finding any game shot or not ( the dog has even retrieved a fox a friend of mine shot)

    Shame your so far away otherwise we could meet up so you could meet the gang

    Both dogs are great house dogs too i work shifts and my missus always feels safe


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    Dicky Boys is wrong about the WV it is a bigginers dog very easy to train very soft and a loveable family dog that is the main reason i moved on to a differnt breed because it is so hard to find a good working line and the price 800- 900 has got ut of hand.

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    +1 to both replies. Great family dogs. Great workers . Just need plenty of exercise .

    Atb Steve

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    I'm not sure about this "probably not the right dog for a first time gundog owner" bit... What is one supposed to do - get something "easy" to start with, then when you've got a bit of experience get rid of it for what you really wanted in the first place??? I'd think you should do your homework, find out what you'd be taking on with your chosen breed and if you're prepared to put in the necessary work go for it. What is it those stickers in car windows say - a dog is for life...

    FWIW I've got a GWP. Thought about it a lot, talked to lots of people, was warned they could be "difficult" and got one anyway. Yes, she's been difficult, stubborn, wilful and so on, but at two years she's beginning to get the hang of things. I hope!

    Good luck


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    Didn't mean to imply that you shouldn't have one, just that if you are picking a dog on looks rather than for a job, there may be more suitable dogs for a first time gundog owner. If you want a dog to pick up a few birds rough shooting and accompany you stalking from time to time then a dog that is easier to train will be more enjoyable, than a dog bred to do many things that you won't need it for, and then struggle to train it and not enjoy being out with it.

    More of an advice to research deeper into what you want to acheive with your new companion rather than for looks. Some may have been lucky with the training or very natural dog trainers, you may be as well, on the other hand you may not. Just because they may or may not be a first time dog doesn't mean you shouldn't have one as your first dog, just take your time and if you still want one learn as much about the breed and its training to give you a head start.

    And for as much as getting rid of a dog cos its not what you wanted, far more dogs are given up or are in homes because owners could not cope or train them

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    Wirehaired Vizlas

    If you are after an easy (easier ) first dog for shooting or picking up a Lab is the obvious choice.A HWV is not a beginers dogs if you want it to be an all rounder.The deer tracking part is the easy bit as they are radars on legs.
    They are slow developers and the Hungarians cannot understand why we expect a trained dog at 18 months as this is when they start the real training.
    These dogs seem to be the peter pan of the dog world as I am amazed how many people ask how old the puppy is.Arthur is nearly 5
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    Mine is ten in September but is still as daft as a brush. I will admit that I got him as a four year old and his biggest vice was/is running in to falling game, he is a retrieving machine and I would say if he had had more thorough training as a youngster to nip the running in in the bud then he would not be far off the 'perfect all rounder. Except they do not kill cats. He is self taught with regards to deer, I took him stalking, I shot deer, deer ran , I encourage him to find deer, he found deer, I found dog + deer.

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    thanks guys for all your advice, i will take it on board.

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