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Thread: Right getting there I think....Just a little more help please

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    Right getting there I think....Just a little more help please

    Having taken advice from my previous post, I think I've pretty much off the 308 as the recoil is alot higher than the 6.5 and 25-06.

    The I was pretty keen on the 6.5 having shot one and liked the rolling recoil feel but looking at a recoil table the 25-06 and 6.5 are the same or thereabouts but people have commented on the loud report of the bad is it in comparison to the 6.5?

    Also which is more common ammo wise?

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    Ive had and shot loads with both in Sako formats. My money is on the 25-06 now using 100 nosler bt for everything. Each year i go all over the UK and shoot everything from big woodland reds to muntjac and it suits them fine.

    Got an ASE S5 on mine and no noticeable recoil really.

    I buy ammo 200 at time and order it a month in advance to make sure it is there when i need it.

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    6.5 Swede
    Better bullets , better barrel life...... As HWH once said, "lt covers everything from Mouse to Moose!"

    lf you're looking for something a bit tasty and have some "As l call it, when the Ratwife's not listening, Black (back pocket)Money" Then take a really hard look at the 6.5x47 Lapua, you won't be disapointed.

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    You decided on the 6.5X55 before you set off on this comparison quest, the truth is they will all do the job that you expect of them, the weakest link in the whole chain will be you If you had got your first choice you could be out there now shooting instead of wasting valuable time. Any deer legal calibre will kill all game in the UK, it's just that some MAY appear to do it quicker than others, which by the way is a theory I do not subscribe to, but too much time is wasted dithering over whether or not the calibre is big enough. Big enough is not a factor when dealing with UK quarry, comfort, ease of use, your confidence in your ability with the rifle, correct bullet choice these are the things that should be of concern. So if in your head you are happy with a calibre then go with it.

    I wish you well.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks Jayb, Thats why I kicked out the the 308, not going to need all that extra recoil etc. I have never had any experience of a 25-06, and to be honest I love my 223. I have a 243 but that hasn't been man enough on a few occasions. I shot a 6.5 when away on a trip and liked it but the rifles are rarer thats why I'm opening up my calibre range, more options...I haven't asked which kills quicker or is it big enough I've asked which is easier to use, more comfortable and better bullets. Doesn't matter how soon I get a new rifle, I can't go out; I snapped my leg in 3 places so no need to make a rush decision.

    I'm all fine on those two calibres but a couple of people mentioned the loud report so want clarification

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    If you like the .25 but don't want the blast of the .25-06, there is always the .257 Roberts AI !
    But the 6.5x55 would be ideal for all-round stalking use IMHO... mild mannered and well proven for roe to swedish elk!

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    It seem you have already decided but this comment really does need addressing:-

    I think I've pretty much off the 308 as the recoil is alot higher than the 6.5 and 25-06.
    Felt recoil is very dependant upon stock design and fit. A poor stock fit will increase felt recoil and a good one reduce it. The difference can be quite amazing. This was brought home to me years ago when I first acquired a properly sporterised 303. The less felt recoil of the sporting stock was areal eye opener when compared to the just chopped "sporterised" military stock.

    I cannot fault you "choice" of the 6.5x55 as it's an excellent cartridge. A bit more uncommon but if your ever heading to certain European countries then don't discount the 6.5x57 Mauser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    i used to think like that !

    god knows how many deer i shot with my 6.5x55 before i sold it , but when i bought a .270 and started shooting it and re-loading for it the 6.5 became redundant !

    i would buy a 270 and home load it to just over 6.5 speed , then if you need it you still have the option of extra welly if you need it !

    just my thoughts


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    The 270 is an excellent choice if (a) you can shoot it, and (b) you can home load for it. I found factory 130gr ammo horrible to shoot compared to my nice mild 140gr hand loads.

    The 6.5 is an equally excellent round. Again, handloading will bring out the best in it.

    Wouldn't bother with a 25/06, the two rounds above are much better all rounders.

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