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Thread: New Swaro Bino choice & decsion made!

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    New Swaro Bino choice & decsion made!

    Good morning all,

    I thought i'd treat myself just recently and thought i'd get some new Bin's, so i took myself off to see Simon at Reeve's and tested the EL's and the new SLC HD's, and after an hour of head scratching and chin stroking, i came away with the latest SLC HD's in 8 x 42.

    WOW - ive got some old SL's and steiners, bt these new SLC HD's are something different, there (to me) seemed to be no difference between these and the EL's terms of ability. The EL's advantage over the SLC's is that they are obviously lighter. But i just couldnt justify an extra 350-400 for that weight advantage when i'm a 17 stone rugby player!

    So i used them Friday night and sat in a seat awaiting Muntjac - to my eye's it was dark at 9:35 - but with the bin's i was sat there till 9:55!! My Steiners would of given up at least twenty mins earlier and the old SL's would of gone ten mins before the new ones.

    So all in all very happy, and i looked at the 10 x model in the HD's and again saw no advantage over the 8x....Also the new case is far better than anything for any of the other top brands

    Oh - No muntjac - lots of our mono-tone friends though!

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