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Thread: Blonde Bombshells

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    Blonde Bombshells

    This weekend saw me heading up to the shoot with no rifle and with my youngest lab to take the next step in what has been quite an intensive training shedule over the last seven months. The dog has essentially been an experiment in that he only recieved obedience training as a pup and I left him be untill he was two and a half-ish on the advice of a friend who trains champion fields trials dogs. Since then (the dog is three on the 26 of the month) he has gone from basic obedience, to stalking with me this weekend winding deer like an old pro, he even pointed seven of the eleven we stalked this weekend. Needless to say I was delighted however all of the deer did spook and I was wondering if this may be because of the colour of the dog. He is the first blonde/yellow lab I have ever trained, in honesty he is practically white.

    Do you think this will cause me a problem and has anyone had any experience of the camo wear for dogs? Most of it seems to be 5mm neoprene designed for wetlands and marshland work, will I have problems with the dog overheating wearing something like that? SOrry this turned into a bit of an essay but any advice would be gratefully recieved.

    Cheers Chaps

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    they do come in other patterns but i think he will cook in warm weather as they are very close fitting so will keep the body heat in

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    I wouldnt worry about the colour of your dog Andy, more likely something else that alerted the deer to your presence.
    As the cover is well up it would be difficult for the deer to see any colour dog at the moment.
    I've had my lab walking next to me (funnily enough along one of the forestry tracks you're using!!) making a right racket every step, deer in front wasnt overly concerned until I stood on one bit of gravely ground and 'crucnh' it was away.
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    Cheers Tony, I didnt want to come across as tho I was blaming it on the dog just a thought I had as the dog is not far off the colour of the caudial patch on the roe. Had a great weekend with him tho, v impressed you can train just as much as you want at home but never know untill you get the dog out on the ground!!!

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