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    The Moon

    Hi, Just wondering how many of you take the full moon into consideration when going stalking and whether you think it makes any difference.

    I've got some stalking planned this week but noticed it's a full moon on wednesday with expected clear skies at night.



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    Not overly experience here but the last three times I've been out after a full moon I've been successful.
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    their big animals , they have to feed no matter what the moon phase

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    Not counting muntjac, my mainstay is fallow, and we certainly notice they will spend much longer out grazing under a full moon. Does it make any difference? I can't say that we shoot any more or less when there is a full moon, but it certainly makes the walk to the high seat easier in the middle of winter!



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    we always shoot boar at full moon jst because its illegal to shoot with night vision sights so the moon gives us more vision + the boar only come out late

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    Can be a bit less activity at the time of a full moon as a lot of the movement takes place at night, more so during the rut as a lot of the rutting activity seems to take place at night.

    However don't let the fact that there will be a full moon this week put you off, the only predictable thing about roe, is that they are unpredictable.

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