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Thread: NOMAD - Praise where praise is due

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    NOMAD - Praise where praise is due

    Visiting the game fair last year I was searching for a smock top that I could wear in those awkward early spring/autumn months when its liable to be damp with the occasional heavy down pour.

    I wanted something soft that was quiet to stalk in and felt comfortable and light to wear but offered maximum protection - not too much then!

    I was amazed by the breathe on offer, but after being very disappointed in the past by the major manufacturers (Both home and abroad) finding that most garments leaked after a while - Even a 500+ Purdey tweed coat. I was intrigued by an advert for NOMAD that I'd spotted in Shooting Times and decided to pop onto their stand for a look.

    I couldn't believe they were so expensive for what they were (A double taped seamed fleece with hood). The salesman, doing what all good salesman do, told me that they were 100% waterproof and would stand up to all weathers - He even talked me out of the more expensive stalking smock and suggested the Quadrider was better suited to my lowland stalking/picking up/keepering requirements.

    With some reservations I bought one.

    Over a year has passed and during that time my NOMAD Quadrider has been my constant companion. Last season I picked up three times a week, in extremely cold and damp conditions, spent hours in a pigeon hide and out stalking. In other words my NOMAD got a thorough work out.

    Last evening I was caught out, at the weekly gun dog training classes I hold, in the middle of a torrential downpour. Several of the guys were wearing heavy coats made by the usual suspects, Barbour, Musto, Laksen et al. and within five minutes they were soaked through to the skin and back at their cars.

    I soldiered on for another thirty minutes until the end of the lesson and found that the water had gone straight through my Musto leggings at the knees and I was wet at my neck (Forgot to take a rain choker).

    However, on getting home I found that my NOMAD Quadrider had held up under the very worst of conditions and had not allowed one drop of water through. I have to say I'm really very impressed and so its a big 10/10 for me.

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    Really glad to read this because I bought one recently and it's good to know it'll stand the test of time!


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    I bought one with some trepidation maybe 8 months ago after speaking to a stalker on the west coast who swore by them. I was very nervous when handing over a weeks wages for a smock but If I had to make the decision again i'd still buy it in an instant. This game season just gone I was stood with my dad on a the peg as I was driving for him. Anyway It pored down with rain like nothing i've ever seen. Anyway I was dry as a bone and the guns in the line with Harkila, Musto, Barbour, schoffel and the like where all wet through and that just confirmed the fact id made the right choice to me.

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    I bought a Nomad smock (the long length one with full length zip and hood) 2 years ago at the Game Fair. I too did a lot of looking around before taking the plunge. I too was very sceptical and as you rightly say, handing over the best part of a weeks wages I was a little worried.
    I am delighted to say, thus far (and it is only early days as I hope it will last me many more years to come) it has been fantastic. During the winter months I wore it most days for all the usual activities, feeding pheasants, stalking, walking the dogs, fishing etc Its greatest challenge to date was Hind Stalking in January on the West Coast, never honestly had a wetter day on the hill. Endured rain from start to finish in the classic Scottish fashion; it came from above, horizontal and below!
    After a long day, I took the jacket off, toasty warm and dry as a bone. The hood in conjunction with a scarf kept Scotland’s worst out! Highly recommend.

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    I have been using the Full length Smock and Sallopets for four and a half years in the NW Highlands and have Never been wet, cant praise them enough.

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    Put the quadrider fleece through its paces last week up in Scotland with sikamalc. I have a habit of overdressing and then, halfway up the hill, regret it. So this time I set off wearing just two layers: a shirt and the nomad fleece over the top of it. By the time I got to the top of the hill the rain was torrential and horizontal and that bad that it ran down my trousers and into my wellies and by the time I got down there was an inch of water in each welly.

    Even though it felt like I wasn't wearing much the fleece kept me warm and dry, very impressive!

    The next test will be what its like after a wash... note to self: don't leave grallochy gloves in the front pocket for days!

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    Make sure its a cold wash.

    I just rinsed mine off in the shower after a shooting a stinky fallow buck during last years rut.

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