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Thread: stalking in germany

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    stalking in germany

    hi not been on here for ages im looking for as much info as i can get on stalking in germany and whether any one has any contacts out here that they could point me in the right direction i need to get some stalking in before i deploy to iraq with british army in next couple of months hope someone can help cheers gareth

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    Try Steve Bouer on 07871057601 he may be able to help.


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    You will probably find that there is a stalking club in your unit or Garison or there will be a stalking club on the local training area. might be worth speekin to the head range warden they will probably beable to get you sorted out with somthing.


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    Hi there!
    If you are still interested, laso its a long time ago: Just contact me at, we will see, if something works out...
    Aim high


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