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Thread: Hornady reloading bits

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    Hornady reloading bits

    Hi there just some things i have for sale at the moment:

    lock-n-load straight O.A.L gauge

    lock-n-load bullet comparator & insert set

    case sizing lube

    and modified case,s in most calibers

    Hornady SST 6mm 95g , 7mm 139g , 6.5mm 140g bullet heads
    any more info just ask


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    Interseted in your O.A.L gauge and some modified case's and possible the comparter. Oh just a thought are these new or used.
    Pm me how much you are after and I will get back to you.
    Cheers Gavin

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    iv tryed to pm you but your inbox is full so cant send u what you asked for u need to delete some messages mate


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    Hi Mike

    I've made some space in my Inbox...


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    pm sent bk thanks

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