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Thread: Tikka M595 .243

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    Tikka M595 .243

    I'm parting company with the rifle to join the Sako owners club. It's been used but not abused, well cleaned and dried when needed (which is most of the time living in the Lakes!).
    Bad bits - showing its age on barrel where mod rear rubs (T8) and I managed to lose the rear screw for the action/guard plate. Now replaced by shiny one of correct thread / size.
    Good points - Its a 595 with the quality action you'd expect, screw cut (with thread protector) and a covered T8 to fit, optilock mounts and rings included.
    She shoots nice tight groups with 100gr factory ammo (hornady or winchester) - sub 1/2" at 100 yds when I do my bit right.

    There is a choice of stocks,
    Wood - with a ding on the top edge or Synthetic - Tikka stock in black.

    350 in wood or 450 with both stocks, plus rfd trans, face to face prefered.
    Replies / questions on thread please.

    Priced to go as it is holding up the Sako arriving!
    Photos to follow, when the kids are in bed and I've had my tea.
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    NB the sling, bi-pod and scope are NOT included in the sale.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bare clip.jpg   wear clip.jpg   bolt clip.jpg   m595 marks.jpg   M595+ mod.jpg  

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    I'll take it in the wood please.
    You should get a pm shortly.

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    man, that was a deal eh? I was very tempted myself and had a struggle not to buy it

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    The Synth stock may be still for sale depending on Oaken. Watch this space, will put a note on the thread when I know how it goes.

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    M595 in wood sold to Oaken, pending the usual cheque clearance etc etc. This leaves the synthetic stock on offer to boom boom. If it is not taken up then I'll re-advertise it. Is there a way of donating a % to H4H?

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    Hi am interested in buying the synthetic stock if it still available?

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    Waiting to talk to Boom boom, then will let you know on here.

    All sold now thanks for the interest.
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