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Thread: Sound Moderator

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    Sound Moderator

    Use my Sako 85 with a PES Sound moderator on but am now doing some long stalks after fallow prickets.

    If I was to remove my mod would it change the zero of the gun?

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    yup it will shoot higher because the modrator means less muzle jump


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    SF, the only way to find out is to remove the can and shoot a group at a target. It may, probably will, shift POI. The difference might be small enough to ignore. You may be lucky.

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    Yes it will affect the zero, but the group could shift in any direction as you are changing the harmonics of the barrel. As Claret Dabbler says, you may be lucky and the shift could be tiny, but the only way to find out is to try it on a target.

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    As a rule it will alter the POA most times. You will need to rezero the rifle.

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    If you have 'target type' adjustable turrets on your scope you should be able to zero the thing with mod on and then shoot a group mod off, zero it with mod off and note the difference. You can then dial in the zero for mod on or off depending on your stalking circumstances.

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    Yes it would my T3 does by a long way. Also my friends sako75 alters a long way.
    Try what Bandit Country says,on my S+B you can mark the 2 different zero's when the caps are off.

    I think you will just have to put some rounds down the range
    Good luck


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    The on off method with two scope settings worked for me.
    Moderator on-off needs about 5 clicks elevation and 5 windage 1cm/100m on my rifles.


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    My 308 shoots about 11" lower with the mod (T8) off

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