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Thread: Varmint Calibres

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    Varmint Calibres

    I want a CF rifle for vermin control & Fox ideally a 20 cal CF, I want one rifle I can take out and legally take general vermin, rabbits, birds, hares and Fox. I already have 17HMR, 22RF for vermin, then 223 & 22-250 for Fox on open ticket. Or have .223 condition for vermin, already have it for Birds (mainly used on Canada Geese).

    Anyone with Merseyside FAC got this condition / rifle combination.

    FLO will only allow .17 Rem or .22 Hornet for Vermin & Fox, would like to see if they practice what they preach.

    thanks FlyBoy270

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    so you can only use your 22/250 on foxes?
    no other vermin?

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    from reading different posts on different sites over the years. it really shows that all the police forces in this country don't go by the same rules. here where i come under in west mercia they will let you have vermin and fox on any of the 22 cf rifles. where in Cheshire it seams they wont let you have that.

    but then here they wont put the ' any lawful quarry on the bigger centre fire rifles'. which in turn would let you shoot say a crow or rabbit etc.... if out stalking with the rifle.
    yet friends down south in Devon have these conditions on there fac's where they can take any lawful quarry well out shooting.

    i looked on the west mercia website who I fall under. and it says on there that they, Warwickshire and west Midlands police wont be going along with these guidelines of any 'lawful quarry' where some forces have. I think its a bit silly they are not all staying with the same rules.

    it also go's on to say on the site that some people may get this condition in future depending on there circumstance ???

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    No, 22-250 for Fox & Roe Deer in scotland

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    the 20 is ideal but if you start shooting rabbits and everythig else with ith all your spare time will be spent at the loading bench

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