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Thread: palmated roe

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    palmated roe

    This was shot local to me back in 2002 by a young lad who asked my opinion on it. There is a hole in the skull between the pedicles and figure this might be the reason. never got to check the rest of the beast for any other signs. But a nice trophy all the same not one you would come across often

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    A very unique trophy! Thanks for sharing?

    Anyone else ever had one similar out of interest?



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    If you have a look at the top row, third from the left you will see one of mine trophys is Palmated too. Rather interesting don't you think.

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    That is a very unusal one, amazing how smooth the antlers are, with virtually no pearling, and a lovely colour.

    I shot this twelve pointer, which shows some palmation on the right antlerAttachment 7410

    Don't you just love the variation of Roe, they seem to, more than the other species, produce more freaks and oddities.


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    lovly head any idea what it scored or was it never measured

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    Now that's what I call a trophy! Medal heads are easily come by of you have the cash, but the oddities are invariably given to us thanks to nothing more than good fortune. Well done that lad and long may he treasure it.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Very nice mate, could'nt help notice in on one of your pictures i spotted four legs on a plaque was it a full taxidermist roe ?

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    Thanks for sharing, that I would not keep for my clients but shoot it for myself.
    regards john

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    Wow!! Now that is very cool love the 12 pointer as well. Definitely agree with Moose, got to love what heads roe can conjur up! Interesting post
    Regards Willy

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    palmated roe

    I dont think it was measured but then in our part of the country we very rarely get medals, not the required minerals in the soil for heavy heads. The feet belonged to a DIK-DIK shot begining of the last centaury I believe.

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