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Thread: advice on triggers for remi 700

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    advice on triggers for remi 700

    ive just bought a new remi 700 cdl and need to put a decent trigger in as the standard one is like opening a can of beer any ideas on which ones and could i fit it my self or is it a job for a gun smith ? cheers nemo

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    I think there has been something on this before.
    you could try by trawling through the rifles section


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    The standard one can be adjusted to give good results but I found the Timney to be much better than a well adjusted trigger if you are on a budget. but by all accounts the Jewel is the dogs whats it as is the Jackson but they both cost getting on for 4x what I paid for the Timney. I found the Timney v easy to fit especialy if you get the one that has the safety on and you dont have to swap the safety from your own trigger. I did one of those for a mate and it is not that much harder though.


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    I fixed mine myself a couple of weeks ago and it now works a million types better with a nice light pull. i searched google for remington 700 trigger adjustment.

    hope this may help.

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    Remmy 700

    I did mine myself,

    loads of info on web on how to do it. very happy with it now.

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    I recently bought a Rifle Basix one:

    They take paypal and had no problems exporting one (I'm convinced they need an export licence out of the US, but I'm not complaining).

    It arrived REALLY quickly and luckily dodged import duty too! Sadly the dollar rate is not quite so good any more.

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    jewel trigger cant be beat very safe trigger. and when you get used to it you will want one on all your guns turns a good gun in to a stunning gun

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    Fitted mine with a Kepplinger set trigger several years ago, very happy with it....


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    timney here

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    Unless a trigger rattles when the arm is picked up, I dont seem to have a problem shooting with it, I guess I must have fingers like sausages!

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