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Thread: Whist in Zimbabwe.

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    Whist in Zimbabwe.

    Here's a few of my many photo's when I spent a bit of time over in Zim earlier in the year. Hope you enjoy, cause I know I certainly did. I wish I was back there now

    I had about 7 weeks enjoying a truly beautiful country with some amazing people.
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    and some more.....
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    and more...
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    and just a few more...

    The Wild dog as chasing the impala straight towards me and at the last moment the impala turned and flew past my left shoulder. They were running so fast I was unable to photo the impala going past, but managed a corker of the dog in full flight!!

    Anyway, long story short, the impala only lasted another 50 yds before she was taken down. A moment that will stay with me forever.
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    Beautiful photos, amazing colours in them. Africa is a place on my list to visit at some point in the future. How would you feel if you saw some of those cat prints in your release pens...doesnt't bear thinking about????

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    Those prints were from a very large Hyena that cruised past my tent at some point in the night about 10-15ft away, and yes you read correctly, 10-15 FEET!!

    I'm glad he didn't disturb me because I don't quite no what I'd have done, bleary eyed at silly o'clock in the morning!

    Myself and the missus went camping for three weeks in various national parks. One of my most nervous moments were building a barricade from the hippo's, thankfully it kept them out for the night.

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    Great photo's. We went to a Kenya 2 years ago, and Africa is somewhere I want to return to (ideally to shoot some plains game). How were things in Zimbabwe? It seems to have dropped out of the news with everything else that's happening in the world.

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    Hi Moonraker68,

    Am rushed about at the mo, but I'll give a decent response over the weekend.

    Cheers, Mukiwa

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    Truly outstanding photo's, love the waterbuck, the zebra.... bet that nips some and the wild dog photos speak for themselves.


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