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Thread: Blank canvas or just plain green?

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    Blank canvas or just plain green?

    Hello everyone I'm Jason I've been a member for a while but as a good Yorkshireman I've been looking at the forum but not posting, you know "hear all,see all,say nowt!" well I've been stalking a bit with a pal of mine and had a stalking day but hopefully if everything goes well I'll be joining a syndicate soon which should mean I get a bit more experience and as such I thought I'd better start being able to ask questions and stuff so heres my introduction... I don't have a rifle yet but I've been shooting for quite a while now wildfowling,rough,flight ponds etc and I did a bit of rifle shooting in cadets too. So that's me in a nut shell cheers Jason

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    Welcome to the board mate.

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    Hi Jason,
    Good luck with your pursuit and welcome to the forum it appears a good place for a quick reference or full on debate (i'm new too )
    hope you find all you need
    atb Willy

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