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    SaK Mod

    I have a SAK mod that was on my 17hmr,surplus to requirements and want to sell it on. As it isnt proof marked and so is basically a couple of bits of metal until married with the gun, am I allowed to sel this on via the postal system or is it still classed as being controlled as such as I have a space for a mod on my FAC?

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    If it's on your ticket, then technically not.
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    If its on your ticket then no as you have to prove where it went or that it was destroyed but you can buy them as air rifle mods so yes you can post them. But if you have it on your 17 and not on your ticket then your breaking the law. So suggest they spend as little time together as possible

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    For the 10-20 it is worth second hand ( 35 new) it's probably not worth the hassle of selling it.

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    Fair point Chopper, didnt realise how cheap they were as I got it when I bought the rifle...may do as you name sake and get the chop saw on it instead..

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    You need proof of destruction, normally a cert from an RFD saying that it has been destroyed, so that it can be taken of your ticket. I don't know, but I would imagine the RFD would either want to destroy it himself, or at least see the bits, and a cert is likely to cost you a few quid. Also you still need a "one for one" variation to buy a replacement.

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