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Thread: Cleaning Kit Essentials

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    Cleaning Kit Essentials

    Hi fellas, just wondered what you guys class as essential gear in your cleaning kit, i'm a pretty basic kit kinda bloke, universal cleaning kit, and bisley oil.. does the job. But whenever i go into the shop looking for cleaning kit there seems to be endless boxes and tubs of gunk and lubricants... is it all really necessary?
    Cheers Karl

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    its the marketing people playing at the "boys need toys" mindset

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    I only properly clean a rifle if it's wet, or had a really hard day. Otherwise it's just a rub with an oily rag and back to the cabinet.
    It's like all the other stuff we don't need but could easily spend a fortune on.

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    I'm a non cleaner too, but there are times when PROPER cleaning is necessary. Kit needed is bore guide, tipton carbon rod, pro shot spear tipped jag, patches, copper solvent (I use butches bore shine) and some meths for a final wipe through. Properly cleaned rifle shoots same POI as fouled rifle and same groups. Fouling shots not required. I never use a brush. Boresnake is good if you break a shoelace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    Boresnake is good if you break a shoelace.

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    bore guide
    dewey rod
    speer jag
    kg carbon and copper cleaner
    i use brake degreaser [ does same as meths]
    nylon brush
    action mop
    some grease for bolt lugs

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    Bore Guide
    Kano Kroil & KG
    Dewey Rod, Brushes and Jags.

    Hope this helps.

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