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Thread: CZ 452 Style .22LR

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    CZ 452 Style .22LR

    I've Decided to move on my .22LR. In great condition, a couple of little marks on the stock but nothing to write home about, action and barrel unmarked. Super accurate and smooth to cycle, no ejection problems or stiff bolt.

    Synthetic Stock
    Matt Silver Nickel Finish Action and Barrel
    Factory Screw Cut 1/2" UNF
    Fully Floated Barrel
    SAK Moderator
    5 Rd Metal Magazine
    Brookes Trigger Kit
    Sling Studs and Sling Fitted
    Approx 400 Rds Eley Hollow Point.

    Located in York and Catterick so increased opportunity for F2F sale in the North East.
    I'll get some pics up when I get home.

    Rifle, mod, sling, ammo all yours for the bargain price of 330

    If anyone is looking for a full set up I can do the above with a Simmons WTC for 390

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