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Thread: NELLY 50 mtr drag liver + blood

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    NELLY 50 mtr drag liver + blood

    one hour old track, my pup is 15 weeks old and is comeing on great. is very keen.
    This is near the end of track.

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    Cracking little pup well done! keep it up and your have a cracking Bavarian! Are you a member of the society? you should try and get to one of the tracking days there really good.

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    Hi thanks, no not member yet but intend to join and go on maybe the advanced course later on.
    she is from a litter of 11 from my brothers bitch which he has owned for 5 years and worked weekly as he is a professional deer stalker and deer manager check him out (cervus-uk.) imported from poland with superb pedigree. dog from a friend of my bro from denmark also a professional stalker. my first try with a bmh but so far so good, she fits into family life no problem they really seem to like that. bit of a digger though lol. here is mother and nelly
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    Looking quite nice and showing a lot of promise,
    I can see why you are pleased

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    Nice pup might be off the same litter as Ria my we bitch she was out doing some training also but the excitment of high seat work just wore her out

    Just a picture i took of a big doe you can clearly see the udder.

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    Hi, yes they are sisters as i am owens brother adrian, i also had a bitch nelly. My friend had a dog as well he growing into a big lad lol. But they all were cracking pups. O showed me the email you sent of her out on her first stalk looked good.:-d

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    Cracking looking pup and certainly looks to have the desire. Even at 15/16 weeks their noses are capable of far more than what you would consider possible for the age. It is for you to encourage her to follow the trail you wish followed and disregard all the other scents that her nose is picking up. Once you have achieved that comes the difficult part for the handler. You must trust that your dog knows more about scenting and following a trail than you.
    Monday evening I was sitting in a high seat and shot a yearling buck. It immediately reared up and ran back towards the nearby wood. I gave it 30 mins and then took the dog to the strike location. At 18 months my BMH is fairly experienced and he immediately took off in the direction I knew the deer had gone. On reaching the start of the wood (which I could not see from the high seat) I would have expected the wounded beast to have followed the worn deer track entering the wood but the dog turned right tracking down the outside of the trees through thick undergrowth and after about 50 yds turned left into the wood. Another 20 or so yds and we had my buck. That buck certainly did not go the direction I would have expected and you can be tempted to pull the dog off the track.

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