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Thread: Dont you love it when things go right !

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    Dont you love it when things go right !

    ive got to the stage with my re-loading where i loath load development !

    i get a load then use it its as simple as that , but due to my supply of N160 dring up and having only enough for 40 ish rounds left im gonna have to change powder .

    now just got some H4831sc and knocked up 3 rounds of my usuall 270 fodder (sierra 130gn game kings ) and knocked up some barnes 140gn tsx i aquired of one of the SD members .

    56gn of H4831sc in all 6 cases with 3 barnes and 3 gamekings .

    game kings first through the rifle and scored a nice 3/4 inch group at an average of 2950 fps (do well !).

    next down the range with the barnes and a nice clover leaf with a reading of an average of 2860 fps on the chrono !

    so very happy man off to order as much H4831sc as i can lay my hands on , then i wont have to worry about my powder supply running out for a while !


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    HI,yes it is a nice feeling for sure I loaded up a batch of 60 gn sierra hp under 45.5 gns of h414 not long back, bang on the money at once, 5 round group fitted into a 5p piece, first fox with that load @ 185 yds, so dont think il fiddle around too much ha ha cheers HORNET

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