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Thread: Hornet case life

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    Hornet case life

    Hi folks Im interested to know how many reloads can I expect in this calibre ? I started with Remington unfired brass and most of the cases have splits in the neck area after three firings I check and trim after each firing and chamfer both inside and outside of the neck and clean primer pocket and polish case in Lee Zip Trim. I use RCBS neck sizing dies, 12 grains of Lil Gun with a 35 grain Vmax oal 44.20 mm. This is seated to fit my Brno Fox magazine. Any suggestions would be welcomed Thanks

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    case life

    Howdy, hmmm interesting one,i have some brass that has been reloaded roughly ten times and still going strong,are you full length sizing or just neck sizing?all mine are neck sized only,it may be of course that you have just got a dodgy batch, lil gun produces low pressure so cant se any problem there,I would try some different brass, say hornady or winchester,I use mainly hornady,maybe our resident .22 hornet guru MUIR will throw more light on the subject? but id deffo try some new brass mate. cheers HORNET

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    Firing 13.5 grains in my CZ the cases go about eight to ten loadings before the necks stiffen up but I use Lee Collet dies which work the brass very little. I don't know how your chamber is in the FOX but, neck sized, they should last quite a while.~Muir

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    Some of my PPU brass is at 10 + loads now, no problems.
    Load is 11 grain of H110 under a 35 grain V-Max, all neck sized only.


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    Thanks for the advice guys I wonder if its because I've used Silvo wadding to polish the cases in my Lee Zip Trim and its brief time on the case has altered the brass ?? I've got some Winchester and Sellor Bellot once fired cases and I'll see if that makes any difference. Thanks again folks great site for advice and gaining knowledge. Garry

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    I was a little sleep deprived when i read your post and passed over the part about split necks. I don't know what Silvo wadding is, but I use 0000 steel wool to polish with no problems. I'm guessing your brass was a bad lot. Are you being conservative with your chamfering of the case mouth? I could see a scenario where a tight neck, over chamfering, and a flat based bullet could split some necks. Think about a Lee Universal Neck Expander. They really help getting the bullet in straight and allow you to do the absolute minimum of inside chamfering.~Muir

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    I will enquire if I can get a Lee Universal Neck Expander locally in the meantime I will use other brass. Thanks again for your help. Garry

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    Good brass( Norma ) etc will do 10+ easy , a longer if not maxed out ! I have some on 12 re-loads

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    Hi could you tell me where I can buy Norma hornet brass please ? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by reiver xxv View Post
    Hi could you tell me where I can buy Norma hornet brass please ? Thanks

    Best ya can do for the 22H, is probably S&B, winchester or remmy, next to the PPU.

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