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Thread: Hello from Lorraine, France

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    Hello from Lorraine, France

    A Brit/Canadian, living in France. Have hunted 3 seasons here now, quite different from the deer and bird hunting I am used to from 30 odd years in Western Canada and entirely different than shooting wood pigeon on the farm in Cornwall UK where I spent some of my early years. I get back to the praries every 6 months or so and always when the deer season comes around. Booked to stalk in Scotland this September - first time for deer in the UK.

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    Hi Lorraine felt like i had to say hi my sis share's your name my mrrs share's your same name as your country you are living an i have close relatives and nearly moved to Toronto few years ago welcome this is a excellent site full of great advice from experianced stalkers etc sire you wil enjoy

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    Hi Grouse,
    I'm new to the site as well. Thought I'd say howdy as I spent a month in France about an hour south of Paris and was lucky enough to see Boar, wild cat, roe, red, pine marten and coypu. Really enjoyed my time out there and got an insight into how the French go about their sport
    Regards Willy

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    Hello grouse, how are you and welcome to the forum! It is certainly a mine of information and even some banter thrown in for good measure.

    I'd be very interested to hear about your experiences in France, I'm moving to Geneva in a few weeks and hunting in France seems to be a popular option.



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    A friend of mine has just moved to Geneva, although he lives just across the border in France (next to Cern - where they do all the Science stuff). He said it was different there and he's having a ball!

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