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Thread: gsp training books

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    gsp training books

    hi, a mate of mine is thinking about getting a gsp and was looking for afew books to read up on them for deer tracking and abit of retreiving, is there any good un's out there for gsp/gwp.cheers stav

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    Hi Stav there are two books i would recommend "Working with dogs for deer" by Niels Sondergaard and "Training dogs for woodland deer stalking" by Guy Wallace both available through British Deer Society wesite. Hope this helps they have certainly helped with trining my own GWP pup. Cheers reiver xxv

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    cheers, any dvd's on the subject aswell??? stav

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    Not to my knowledge which is limited as I'm just learning, you could try googling the subject. Cheers

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    Hi stav atom here if your GSP is anything like mine you wont be dissapointed some people seem to have problems with this breed i have not read up on training but i let my dog see plenty of deer it seems natural to her i am only going to use her on deer she walks to heel and is a good air scenter i think that my lab helped out as well showed her the ropes cheers the atom

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    I have never trained a dog just for deer but have had labs and do have labs that will track them no problem having been trained for picking up. In your collective oppinions is it easier to train a dog just for deer. I too have thought about a GSP having held many pointer field trials here and my feeling is that the natural hunting and pointing ability should be there and steadiness seems to be key. The reason I ask is I need to be sorting out another Lab for my picking up team to bring on and while I could really do with a dog for Deer only I cant think about it if it is going to be really hard work as the labs must come first. If the training can work in and around the other dogs then fine.


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    you are correct it is far easier to train a dog for deer, they have to be obediant and allways by your side ,when out stalking i let my dog find every deer i shoot whether easy or hard she is a natural ,mind you that bit of kidney she gets helps, i have trained my dog to sit when i raise my bino also to jump any fence with a nod of my head them shorthaired can really jump i have found this dog to be easy all round a dog will tell you what trails are being used and when deer are in the area i dont no how folks manage without one cheers the atom,I also have a lab and she has given me years of service in short if my dog dont go neither do i ,

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    hi,atom. does your gsp point by it's self or does it have to be train,do they just point at deer or will they point fox's and hare's and stuff.sorry for dumb questions but only had a springer in the past and 2 dumbass ridgebacks now. i posted this for a friend at 1st but i,m starting to want 1 myself now. cheers stav

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    Hi stav first time for me with a gsp she a bit young to hold a strong point i dont think pointing would be to great an advantage she tends to taste the air a lot if a deer is close i am lucky as i have got a real steady dog she still only 9 months old but i think the more they see the better they are you have to have them out so they learn what its all about my lab was good but i reckon this one will rival her cheers the atom

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    you don't need to show a GSP how to point they do it naturally.

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