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Thread: Sako 75 .243 bolt wanted- please help!!

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    Sako 75 .243 bolt wanted- please help!!

    Hello all, l lost my rifle bolt about 2 month ago, l have been searching the area ever since, with metal detectors and by sight. l think its prob in a bale now so l am in the ****.

    Does anyone have a old donor rifle, or know someone that has got one with the bolt intact? lm willing to pay for it obviously.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Regards Chris

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    I did the same thing with a Tikka 595 years ago, I managed to get a new one though the importers for 150, a lot of money considering that a new Tikka then was about 450. But still the rifle was useless with out it. Have you tried contacting GKM to get you a new one? It will be a long wait but it might be the only option.



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    Yes l have, a new bolt is quite expensive and a 5 month wait to get rifle back, what a nightmare!

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    Sorry to hear about you trouble..

    But perhpas it's a good time to point out that a bolt in the rifle is less likely to get lost than one in a holster, bag or pocket. Might not be quite PC but it's a fact.

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    Well I did say I am sorry to hear about your lose and that's true.

    However the PC bit about removing bolts all the time is just asking for them to get mislaid or lost. Sorry but that is just a plain fact.

    Of course this begs the question:-

    have you reported the loss of a licensable component to the Police?

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    Didn't this topic come up a couple of months back? I think I suggested sending the rifle back for a bolt but I don't remember the response. A US maker would never ship just a bolt, and insist that the entire rifle be returned so that the headspace could be checked/verified.~Muir

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    ..think it's the same case to be honest. I'd still phone around the country and check with the RFD's in the yellow pages, theres got to be one out there. I'd think the sako 75 bolt would fit pretty well and not need headspace checking - just IMHO

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    I have just been looking at roedale presiscion and I think they had got a 75 bolt in bargain section.
    I must admit did not look any further getting earache to get off here. ( again)
    Not sure on cal. Etc
    Might be worth a look.

    ATB with your search.


    Sorry just flicked back at risk of death or worse, it's a .308 sorry
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    A 308 would be the same. They headspace the barrel to the bolt face, not the bolt to the rifle. There is a chance it will work OK.~Muir

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