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Thread: Protected Species on your ground?possible SSSI?

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    Protected Species on your ground?possible SSSI?

    What happens if you discover a protected species on your ground? by this i mean sand lizards and slow worms etc, does it mean you may no longer mow grass, strim pathways, clear brush and burn it or any other activity that might kill or injur the little blighters? I know that on an SSSI all operations, vehicular movement and even foot traffic can be prohibited, might the same restrictions be applied if a piece of ground was found to hold such species but not be designated as a SSSI ? your thoughts and opinions please?


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    In my opinion whatever you are doing is creating the habitat they desire so you should keep doing it but this is somtimes not the way the powers that be work.

    A bit like stopping grouse moor management because of hen harriers. Hen harriers eat grouse, grouse live where there is moor(no pun intended) management in place, hen harriers live where grouse are managed. So keep schtum and try to avoid actions that will kill them but keep going

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    Report it to snh or the english nature and have them take on the ground ask them for a swap for some good deer ground ha h a

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    If you kill or injure a protected species and/or in some cases damage their habitat you could be committing an offence.

    In SSSI and other sites with nature conservation designations Natural England can authorise or not specific activities that might have an impact on the designated features (the animal, plants or habitats that the site is designated for) as you have mentioned.

    However, outside of the boundaries of the SSSI, the same species or habitat might not be protected. Let me give you an example. Say you have a field with orchids that is a SSSI because of the orchids. If you ploughed that field it is likely that you will get prosecuted. However if you have a field with some orchids that was not designated then you can do whatever you like with it.

    Have a look at the NE website and get in touch with the local officers. They will be able to answer any specific queries you have.


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