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Thread: manchurian sika

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    manchurian sika

    here is a picture of a british client i had out today and a one off 13 point sika he also shot a large fallow buck

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    Hi Andy,
    Well-done to you both, I was wonder if you had a difficult time getting him,
    He looks like he could have been a wise boy to me they donít getting a head like that for no reason.

    Great photo of a magnificent animal

    Take Care


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    Are the antlers allways like that or do they cross with reds to get the crown on top, never even seen a sika so just a question......eddie

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    hi apollo
    this is a pure manchurian sika where he was shot there are no reds,a typical manchurian is wide with 8 points the one in the pic is a non typical wide and multi pointed


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    Did the beast have a wry-nose or is it simply the way the client is holding its neck?

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    hi bandit
    its the way its being held


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    an awsome beast, and awsome rifle and what looks to be a nice chap.

    sterling effort

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    great result andy i bet the client was well pleased


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    hi gadget he shot this fallow on the same day


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    Looks like a guy who takes pride & care in what he does judging by the tie being worn. 8)

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