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Thread: Do you stalk in cammo?.

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    Do you stalk in cammo?.

    To say I had nearly a week off after having my eyes done not a bad start.






    120m's (I think).
    How many of you stalk wearing full camo (including a face mask) and think it makes a difference.
    I have included ranges here just for reference.
    Picture 3 was stalked early in the week by me and the prince and we got 40m's from him without detection but he wasn't quick enough to take the shot. Note the cammo they were NOT wearing.
    My usual attire,

    I will wear cammo i depends if the construction of the clothing suits the weather more then what the pattern is.
    Usually have gloves on but rarely if ever wear a head net.
    Please constructive posts only as these pictures are of some of our fellow members off here, and very successful they are.
    I genuinely believe its what we do not what we wear what puts deer in the larder.

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    I agree, do wear camo but not always, usually camo jacket Roe stalking, tweed on the hill always wear a hat but never a face mask, and don't like wearing gloves, and whilst I know that face and hands are easiest seen have never found it to make much difference, as you said more what we do than what we wear.

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    When i was seven my dad and me whent stalking with the camera we got to within two arms length of a fallow doe.
    When she put her head down we moved when she raised her head we stoped. We were talking about the picture we had taken the other day and I asked if we were wearing dark clothing at the time. He reminded me of the White trainers that I would not take off at that time and the fact that I had I bright White tee shirt on as I had fallen in a pond about a hour before.

    I have since learned the cervids have eye sight based on movement if you move while they look at you they will see you.

    I don't know how many cone receptors deer eyes have as this can make I difference to what color range they can see.

    I wish I could find that picture.

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    Personaly as long as the clothes you have on match the terrain you are in.

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    As you know I have a pair of Deerhunter real Tree trousers and a Deerhunter green moleskin jacket which is what I wore when stalking with you. So NO I don't usually wear full cammo. I do have a face veil which saw more use for Pigeon shooting that stalking. I do have a couple of DPM jackets that can be used at different times of the year but in all honesty the Deerhunter sees most use which is why it's showing signs of wear and age. If I remember correctly I brought it back in 97 the trouser were brought in 2003.

    I did pick up a tweed shooting jacket off a member here so the Deerhunter will see many more seasons use as I can spread the wear between to two now!

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    I do not ware camo just soft tweed but i do ware a face viel to keep midges off and to hide my big pink face also my white hair which the deer would spot from a long way off. Tame deer never react the same way john head up north and try for some wild ones
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    I do not ware camo just soft tweed but i do ware a face viel to keep midges off and to hide my big pick face also my white hair which the deer would spot from a long way off. Tame deer never react the same way john head up north and try for some wild ones
    Thats a bold statement mate from someone who shoots them in gardens. LOL

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    John, I have a HWG Montana jacket and trousers, but I bought them because of price not for cammo purposes. I believe in wearing clothing that does not stand out, so dull browns/greens or dun colours are what i wear for preference. I do believe in wearing a veil and gloves, but this is probably a hangover from shooting pigeons and wildfowl. If you watch people from a distance in winter and the sun suddenly shines on them, their faces and hands show up like someone shining a torch or waving a white flag.

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    I wear camo when I stalk in areas there are alot of footpaths, not for the deer but so people can't see me!! Other than that its whatever I put on in the morning.

    I wear headnet on the final approach when coming across open ground, other han that I wear it when sat under highseats if the client has his missus out

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    I wear a DPM jacket and a pair of green combats. I agree with the train of thought of matching your environment in regards to shades of colour opposed to pattern.

    Whats important to me is comfort. Theres nothing worse than being wet and miserable or too hot when stalking. Im currently looking for some new gear because of this. Ive looked at some walking clothes and the only snag is the noise that some of it makes.

    I pretty much always wear a face veil.. i cant say whether it helps, but it cant make things worse and also helps keep the midges off. I think that by having your face covered and your gloves on, you can get away with a lot more movement than you could otherwise.

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