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Thread: Fly fishing set-up

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    Fly fishing set-up

    This might be good for someone starting out or a spare set-up for an established fisher.

    Diawa Whisker 10'6" 8/9 weight fly rod (used no more than 5 times).

    Bob Church 9'6" 6-8 weight fly rod (Peter Cockwill model) (used).

    Leeda LC 100 reel with 5 spools containing-:

    Aircel DT6 floater (Used approx 5 times).
    Wetcel DT6 sink tip(Used approx 5 times).
    Wetcel II DT6 sinker (Never used).
    Shakespear WF8 floater (Used twice).
    Shakespear WF8 intermediate (Used once).

    Looking for £165 posted or £150 collected or offers.

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    where in the country are you fella?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfisherman View Post
    where in the country are you fella?
    i think hes from durham (hes posted it on another site and thats where it says)

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    Ah, the Whisker Fly....I bought a 9'6" 5-7wt in 1996 and it's still my daily rod for sea trout, bigger rivers, and loch's. Tried Winston, Orvis, Sage, etc, but never actually replaced the whisker fly :-)

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    That's pretty much the set up I started out with Kernel.

    Great stuff.

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    The sad thing is, it looks like my fishing activities are finished for the time being due to the injuries I've suffered over the last 3 years, I've a brand new Greys GRXi 15' 10/11# double handed salmon rod for sale too if anyone is looking for one. I feel gutted to be getting rid of it, but needs must.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kernel gadaffi View Post
    I've a brand new Greys GRXi 15' 10/11# double handed salmon rod for sale too if anyone is looking for one.
    Do you have an idea of how much you are looking for for this? I have someone in my village who is looking to replace his old Bruce & Walker fibreglass salmon rods with something newer.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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