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    Night vision sights

    Would any of you use a night sight for shooting deer as a stalker if it was legal to do so!!. Given that they are used for shooting foxes and also wildboar here in the UK. would you call it sporting if it was legal to do so?.
    I for one would not use a night sight but wondered what others on here thought about it and the ethics of it all. In a lot of European countries night vision sights are ilegal for hunting any game and at night.

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    No!!!!!! I am toying with the idea for wild boar with a digisight not pure nightsight as moon & weather conditions don't allways allow for normal shooting so as to give the control required in some areas but for deer you just need to get out of bed early enough in the morning so can't imagine the need anyway, i use my nightsight purley for bunnies and fox control.

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    I can't see why you would use it as a stalker. I do alot of foxing and the deer would be very easy to shoot at night with lamp or nightsight. If you have a problem you would become unstuck as you would have a wounded deer with no way of marking the strike or an idea of where it was.

    Also dependant what species you have, whether it would cause suffering to the rest of the herd. Obviously roe muntjac are solitary so fromthere point of view it would cause no stress whether day or night. If for instance you had Fallow who are naturally wary and jittery. If you shoot fallow hard then they change their feeding times untill they eventually go nocturnal. If you then them all day and then at night it would leave them with no time to feel comfortable to feed, therefore the whole herd would become stressed, suffer and lose condition.(a very good deer man taught me this).

    I use my nightvision for bunnies and foxes too but also to view prospective bucks for clients if I happen to see them. It can help as to what is where and when to sit for which buck. Also great for viewing all wildlife!

    CWMMAN- I'm not sure your on the right lines regarding nightvision, I have a nightsight add on but not digi it still has a laser and can see the pearling on a buck at 100yards. Do you mean a dedicated scope or a light enhancing scope is effected by the moon?

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