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Thread: Always when you least expect it....

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    Always when you least expect it....

    Ive had a poor season on the bucks so far, only had 3 up til last night and recently felt the need to get out after a buck. I know theres a buck or two on my small bit not far from home, ive had one in the scope once already this month but thought better of shooting him. Anyways, i went out last week and stalked the offending buck (this time more serious about shooting him..) but he wouldnt present a shot and walked off my permission in the end. Ho hum, good fun stalking him..

    I then managed to get out last Friday with a SD member which was great to see some fresh ground and have a natter.. Within 2 minutes of setting off by myself, i spied a bush waving around, after a look round the side of a tree, i saw an old buck, going back giving this bush what for, it was about 60yds away but there was room for improvement so went slow and steady until i got within 30yds of him. He was fairly preoccupied with this bush. I was thinking of shooting him freehand as i didnt really want to get off the stick which would have put me above the foliage but being unfamiliar ground and not my deer and feeling that the better option was long bipod over the bracken, i set up the long bipod. by this time the buck was taking a breather.. stood perfectly broadside on at 30yds. I gently got the rifle up and as i put the weight on the bipod, one of the legs twanged back (not locked in properly..) It made that horrible resonating metallic noise and the buck was gone, along with another deer on my left that i hadnt even seen. I was gutted.. such a schoolboy error had lost my opportunity. Again on the bright side, i enjoyed the stalk, the ground and the company..

    Last night i decided to go and wait again for my buck on my land, i went got settled in a drainage channel and waited. No more than 5 minutes later, a doe got up 10yds in front of me from the long grass and started feeding. God knows know i didnt bump her on the way in.. Then as if by deer magic, another appeared on the hedge about 60yds away. This was Mr Buck who i had seen previously.. he popped through the hedge and sat down. With the doe still close enough for me to poke her with the sticks, i couldnt do anything but wait. Eventually she went to the buck and sat down on my side of the hedge. I then spotted another doe working her way towards me about 300yds away. I sat and watched, it got to about 10pm and i needed to set off to the car to meet up with a mate.. i had a play with the buttolo which had no effect in my hands.. I managed to depart the gutter without disturbing the deer and set off to walk back, not stalking but just quietly walking.

    I then saw a head bobbing along a tramline about 100yds away. Quick look showed another buck but only a youngster, which i havent seen before around this bit, i assume he was transient and with that thought, i decided i would take him if the opportunity arose.. it was completely wrong for wind, so i just set the sticks up in the hedge and waited, he paused a few times scenting the air but obviously he felt the need for cover more than the scent bothered him, so he kept coming.. He got to 30yds and stopped again, i think he was aware of something but not sure what as he stopped, looking directly at me when i sent him the good news through the neck.

    He weighed 35lb, so no monster, but in good fettle. A quick green gralloch and back to the truck, still too late to make last orders at the pub!

    It amuses me that deer still surprise me, all the rules in the book get thrown out of the window and you end up grassing a buck or not..

    No pics im afraid as it was too dark to use the camera and i was on my todd.. the buck in question is now chilling in the larder..

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    Good to know you're getting on better out there now. Was nice to see you the other night and hope you catch up with a few more over the season as im sure you will.


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