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Thread: Shooting Glasses?

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    Shooting Glasses?

    Does anybody know a company that specialises in prescription shooting glasses?

    I'm looking for a pair that are a bit more robust than ordinary glass and that are designed to stay in place..Not sure whether to go with clear or tinted lens?

    These will be primarily for stalking rather than shotgun shooting..

    I have tried contacts and hated them with a passion and I've just been told my eyes are not suitable for lazer treatment...



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    pete i think hydefspex also do perscription glasses

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    Have you thought about Implantable Contact Lenses Pete?

    I'm going for a consult next month. I was told some time ago I was unsuitable of LASIK but the IOL's might do the job.

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    Zeiss. A mate just got a pair (mainly for shotgun work in his case) and they look like an ordinary pair of specs but are set up for shooting. Choice of tints available I think. They weren't too much money either.

    Oakley do them but they're big bucks!

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    Try this website, don't know anything about them but they seem to have a few options and prices.

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    Thanks for that gents..

    Any ideas if tinted lens offer any advantages for stalking?

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    I use Napier safety glasses (actually polycarbonate - very tough but light) and these have provision for a prescription insert, which works well.

    I have been using them for years and have been generally pleased. The set up also works well with ear defs.


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    This is probably a great time to remind everybody that armoured glasses are essential safety equipment rather than optional extras and should be worn whenever taking part in shooting sports - whether you wear regular glasses or not.

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    Don't know about lense colour. Might give it a go later....

    I can foresee two problems.

    1. Don't know how the combination of the binocular / scope lense coatings will mix with the tint on the spectacles?

    2. Most of these glasses are made for clay shooting where the background colours, greens, browns, greys are suppressed and the orange, yellow or white targets are enhanced. either that or they are made to improve contrast of black targets against the sky. Seems to be going against what we are looking for, i.e. to enhance the natural colours of the deer.

    Only one way to find out...

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