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Thread: Fabarm iris

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    Fabarm iris

    Has anyone seen one of these switch barrel rifles - I believe that Viking Arms is the importer. ml

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    Yes I have but it was in France. I really like the look of this rifle and enquired with Viking Arms nearly 12 months ago about getting one but they said that they weren't importing it at that time and quite frankly didn't seem that keen to import it at all. The calibres that I wanted were .308 and 9.3x62mm, unfortunately they don't make a .308 barrel.
    I'm still tempted by this rifle but would probably buy in Europe if I did buy one due to the lack of interest by the supposed importers.

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    Thanks for the info 8 x 57, this is typical of the firearms importation scene in the UK. The problem with buying one abroad ( as I'm sure your aware ) is that your sunk if anything goes wrong with the rifle or you want accessories to it. The Iris is for sale in Australia and NZ at very reasonable prices, but because it is a bit "unusual" we'll probably never see it here! I take it from the title 8 x 57 that you also like European rifles and calibres? Regards ml

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    Yes I do like European guns and calibres. My experience has so far been very positive whith gun dealers in Europe in fact I've found that they generally provide a much better service than all bar the very best dealers in the U.K.

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    It looks as if my quest for a light and affordable TD style rifle continues. All the best ml

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