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Thread: Lyme Disease Tester Kit

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    Lyme Disease Tester Kit

    Spotted this today and thought it was a good idea for those that are in contact with ticks a lot!

    For 8 it might be worth keeping one around.

    Never used it myself but would be interested if anyone has?

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    Is that just one kit for 8?

    I know Lymes disease is a killer but 8 is alot per tick you had attached to you, which for some is a regular occurrence out there.

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    Ive seen 20-30/week on us!

    Id be skint!
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I think the kit can be used many times over............

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    Says it's a one use test.


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    a bet a bulk order would bring down the price ,noted the first aid kit for 9.95 not bad for the cash i suppose.

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    The GP tests only pick up 1:4 infections so I reckon this has to be a waste of money.
    Better to invest in a proper tick removal tool and tuck you trousers in your socks.
    If you get a red circular rash get it checked out ASAP as early infections can be sorted with super strong antibiotics.
    Lyme disease

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    I've been backwards and forwards to hospital about a dozen times over the last year and have now been refered to a specialist in London and we are still getting nowhere in confirming or treating this disease. If this kit works then i'm suprised the NHS don't use it, I dread to think what my treatment (or lack of it!) has cost so far. Glyn.

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    It appears that this kit tests for the presence of the disease in a tick whereas the blood tests us humans get probably tests for antibodies in our blood. For some reason the human blood test appears to be very unreliable and I don't know whether that is due to us not producing the antibodies or whether it is down to the antibodies being very hard to test for.

    As this tick testing kit works in a totally different way and is looking for an entirely different thing there is no reason to believe that it would be as unreliable as the human blood test, so this kit may be very reliable in determining if a tick is carrying the disease. However, that does not tell you if you are infected and, as others have said, if I tested every tick I get then I'd be bankrupt.

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