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Thread: BUG BAND

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    i was lucky to get one of the free bug bands from Sporting Rifle.
    And can say that the last three times i have been out useing it i have NOT been bitten !

    Fantastic the week before i had the BUG BAND i was eaten alive by mossies 5 bites one one hand through cotton gloves, And as i am allergic to histomine it puts a downer on summer shooting as i can swell alarmingly around bite sites.

    SO thanks S.R and bug band i will be buying one next time !!!


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    Bug band

    Hi Splash, never heard of bug band, where do you get them from. I will be up in the highlands soon, and would like to try it out on the midges.

    Cheers Sikamalc

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    They are supposed to last 120 hrs and come in a little pot so they keep fresh when not used, i have had mine on for about 24 hrs total so far divided by 3 trips.
    Also my m8 who was in the back of the truck lamping with me last night was not bitten either as the band is suppose to work for about a 10' radius .
    The lamp attracted alot of fly's though, as you might expect. i have tried alot of other cures/insect reppellents but have still been bitten but this band has worked so far !

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    Bug Band,

    For Bug Band local stockist Call 02074985925
    Or Email your name and address to
    Taken from the June edition of SR


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    Cheers guys, I shall give it a severe field test on Scottish midges a little later in the year. If it keeps those off, it will keep anything off, dont know about Teste flies though!!

    Regards Sikamalc

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    Bug Bands

    I bought 3 bug bands after seeing them in sporting rifle.

    I have pictures of midges crawling all over my hands with the band on my wrist. They might work for gardens or light use, but no use against the Scottish Midge.

    Best is RID100 which uses DEET. It is a chemical it might be bad for you but it works.


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    Thanks Colin, Scottish midges are a pain in the bum, when you are trying to stalk quietly for Sika in the rut. We do not seem to get the eraly frosts in late September and early October to kill them off like we used to do 15 to 20 years ago. So the little bighters are always out in force, and just love me.

    I have to admit I have tried just about everything, and nothings seems to work on me. Napalme or agent orange would probably get rid of them?

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    Avon Skin so Soft works for me.

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    Tried skin so soft about 3 years ago when everyone in Scotland said its for real "it works". Sorry matey not on me, the little buggers still get through.

    Stalking with a midge net on I hate, and when its early in the year one can get so sweaty and hot climbing around, and as soon as you sit still they are on me like a pack of Wolves.

    Ahh I hate them.

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    A Greek Cypriot friend of mine swears by bog standard cheap as chips olive oil that has had lots of garlic and lemon grass mixed in with it. He make a big batch around about March leaves it to stand for a few days in the fridge and just decants it into a smaller bottle as and when he needs it,

    It worked just fine when we were over in Sweden last year and he's used it very successfully when he's had to work in some very midgey places around the world. Remembering to top your coverage up seems to be the trick as sweat tends to dilute the repellent effect after a while, just as you have to with Skin so Soft

    Makes your stalking clobber pen and ink a bit but then that all adds to the repellent effect.

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