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Thread: Advice on rifles please

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    Advice on rifles please

    Hi all

    Bit of a newbie to center fire world.
    Looking to by a rifle in .243 cal mostly for foxes but hopefully deer in near future.

    Been looking at a few makes of rifle and to be honest a few brands are way out my price range so to say.

    Been looking mostly at the Tikka range and the Browning X bolt or the Steyr pro hunter.
    All these guns are sort of in my price range i wouldn't mind paying for.

    My question to you the more experienced center fire shooters.

    Which one would you put your money towards buying
    and what are the common faults they may have to look out for.

    Any advice an knowledge given will be put into good use



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    Hi, I'm selling my Steyr Prohunter2 Only fired 100 rounds, I bought it for the same reasons as you(so may be biased) I really do love it but its a bit too loud for the places where I have foxing so ended up with a 223 for foxes and am getting a bigger rifle for the deer. I'd keep it if I didn't have the 223 and need something bigger. The steyr is a very good rifle as a starter, it is pretty much bomb proof, great safety catches, and detachable mag. If I was buying new again I would go Sako or Remington just cos I like these.

    The tikka are quite nice but personaly I didn't get on with them, thats why I got steyr. I think the action and the barrel are nicer on the steyr. The one downside is the stock is a little flimsy at the front but it doesn't effect accuracy.

    If you want to know more about mine then PM me. I'm looking for 750 including sound mod(stealth 10 stainless steel mod fully stripable) and base and rings for scope all in its original case.

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    shouldn't he be buying an air rifle first and learning about the countryside and mowing old ladys lawns before buying a big rifle?????????????????

    Regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Jez if you bothered to read my introduction or profile. Iv been shooting for many years and know the ways of the country side as you put in. Iv had my SGC for
    3 yrs an my FAC for nearly 2. I have a .17hmr an am very compedant with that rifle and so forth.
    I put down newbie asking for advice, as i am new to getting deer shooting getting some stalking. I'm not a totall novice to shooting
    center fires as i have pointed out. But not as experienced as some most of you lot.

    All i asked for was some advice on buy a rifle an what makes are the best for about a grand. As for shooting air rifles, i expect iv owned an shot a lot
    more then you and as for mowing old ladies lawns an, i have done many a lawn an emptied many a bin as i work for local council.
    So now will you be satisfied an leave me move up to a big rifle as you bluntly put it

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    Personally I would be looking at the rifles in the order of preference that you mentioned.Some people complain that the Tikka T3 is too plasticy but they are a good , honest, accurate workhorse. The X-bolt is fairly new on the scene but uses proven technology from the A-bolt. The Steyr is not my favourite, a fiddly safety catch and a too flexible foreend on the MK 1 version. 243 Win is a no brainer for a combined fox / deer rifle. If Reds are on the menu a larger cartridge may be in order, although with proper shot placement dead is dead. You wont go wrong with any of the above rifles. Your other choice is to look at Remington 700 or second hand Tikka 595 or Sako 75, a bit more of a gamble but you can end up with a top notch rifle for budget money.

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    Ah Gareth,

    Thank you for opening this age old can of worms. There will be the usual clamour of which calibre is best from every perspective.....!!
    However, your question remains an honest and valuable one and the answer is always specific to the asker. Many start off with 243 as a dual purpose rifle and then latterly migrate to specifics, depending on the amount of shooting they do in each bracket (as Dickyboy and I have done). You will find the 243 a more than adequate calibre for both the tasks you require and there are many who will shout me down for going for two separate calibres, but I guess that is a choice based on personal preference, use and having the money to invest (or waste) on another rifle. I shoot with several people who use 243 for all.

    I am not aware of any known faults in Tikka - they are a true workhorse and have a good aftermarket set up. Dickyboy's given you a great and I have to say unbiased account of his own rifle, which for my mind is a good buy if I were in the market (and it was left handed!). He raises a valid point about noise, although I presume you will be going with a good mod. I have no experience at all of Browning, because they don't make LH rifles - I've seen mixed reviews from others.

    I still believe that it is only in handling a rifle that you will truly decide whether you will get on with it or not. There will be few able to honestly say that a rifle is just a tool and the aesthetics and how it feels in the shoulder make no difference. I am a firm believer in there being an emotional attachment with ones rifle - and if you don't love it, you will never trust it or yourself when it matters.
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    I dont think you will go far wrong with a Steyr Prohunter 2 I love mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    shouldn't he be buying an air rifle first and learning about the countryside and mowing old ladys lawns before buying a big rifle?????????????????

    Regards, Jez.
    Why the attack on a new member, he asked a civil question, recieved good replies bar yours, may have been asked several times before, so what, no need for your post, deerwarden

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    Hi Gareth.
    I have a 30-06 tikka t3 I love it I also have a slot for a .243 so there is no question that when funds permit it will be another tikka.

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    Thanks every one for your constructive posts with advice.
    And thanks Deerwarden for the bit of back up concerning a fellow members post.
    To me every forum has at least one or two big minded so n so,s who think they were
    born with a gun in their hands and they could shoot a nats back side of before they could walk.
    And they already have the country side hand book already burnt into their already over powered
    brains. I have a name for those types of people, but i'm to mature to say on this forum.
    But i'll leave you own imagination take over as to what it is lol

    Thanks all again, looks like my first choice the Tikka is in front running.
    But who knows.

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