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Thread: The Roe and The Owl

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    The Roe and The Owl

    Hullo gents,

    I was out on some ground for a bit of vermin control a few weeks ago (which I unfortunately donít have deer permission on) and stalked into a pair of Roe grazing in a field.

    I decided to see how close I could stalk into them through a wood and managed to get within 25 -30 yds yards of them.

    I stood for ages just watching and observing them go about their business when I got a right hellish cold shiver and what seemed like something brushing over my neck

    Upon looking round to see what happened I found the source of my terror was a Tawny Owl that flew round me and landed on a fence post directly to my right.

    What a bloody fright I got, absolutely silent but have to admit it was cracking to see.

    Hope Iíve uploaded the quick video correctly & please excuse the quality (off my mobile) but thought Iíd share it anyway.

    I'm having a bit of trouble with photobucket on the work computer/server so if it doesn't play please let me know



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    Great little video, well done mate, how many people would have had that pleasure, Deer and an Owl together..

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    Cheers Danger Mouse, glad the video worked.
    It was another one of those magical moments when your out creeping about


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    Wow ! that would have been great......well done on getting it on film

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    Great name for a pub too, "The Deer and the Owl"

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