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Thread: The Urban Twit

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    The Urban Twit

    I went stalking yesterday evening on one of my pieces of ground near Alford in Aberdeenshire. It was a wonderful evening, warm and bright and with lots of bird song, even a cuckoo was calling in the distance. Although I wasn't successful I saw a good number of deer, including two nice bucks. Sadly, one was just over the march and the other was in a, well, safe area and could not be stalked. I would have come home completely contented and enlightened with the experience of being out in such wonderful countryside as I do every time I'm out stalking, whether I have shot a buck or not, as happens to most of us stalkers.

    However, that was not to be the case. I have become fairly dismayed by the attitudes of some people these days and especially so of those townies, urbanites, politically correct do gooders and busybodies that we now have to put up with in the countryside. I came accross one just last night.

    I parked my jeep in a clearing on a farm track at the botom of the rough hill I intended to stalk, which is a good distance off the main road and about three miles from the vilage of Alford. Getting kitted up I noticed a black terrier dog on the track a little further away and after closer inspection there on a make shift bench built into the dyke sat a man with his wife along with two other terrier dogs, all now on a lead. There was the odd bark from the dogs. They were obviously admiring the view and soaking up the evening sun and why not, afterall it was a beautiful evening. As I approached them carrying my rifle and binoculars I bid them good evening and advised them where I was going to be stalking on the hill.

    "Does the estate know you are shooting here" said the man in an abrupt manor. A person I have not met before.

    "Yes I am quite sure as I have been stalking here for over twenty years now. And to whom I am addressing". I replied.

    "Thats my business" he replied. "And according to the farm manager and XYZ who works on the estate there are no people allowed to shoot here". He continued to express him self in a rather bombastic tone.

    "Is that so" I replied and advised him that I had every right to be here as the stalking tenant.

    His dogs now were becoming very vocal and the cattle with calves in the field behind him were becoming somewhat alrmed and began to bolt.

    I then asked him where he intended walking for the rest of the evening should he desire to do so, so that I would have knowledge of his whereabouts for safety reasons.

    His reply............ You guessed right........ "That's my business and I haven't decided where to go yet" came his response.

    I then told him, in a polite manor of course. "Well I am trying to be civil and I like you are here to enjoy myself and I will go about my busines". I then left him wearing what could only be described as a self accredited smirk on his face.

    After ten minutes or so and after weighing up what was said between us I feared for the safety of the evening and, posibly a bit over worried about my jeep fearing some damage may be done to it, I retraced my steps to observe where he intended going. To my surprise and after what he had just told me, I saw both he and his lady with the dogs walking back down the track past the farm and out of sight. I then continued with my stalking.

    Well he ruined it. What could have been a pleasant evening was somewhat marred by his, well what should I say, unpleasant and totally uncalled for and arragant behavior to a stanger. Before driving home back to Aberdeen I called in at the farm house and told ABCD the farm manager my story.

    "Oh him, yes I know him and what a pratt he is too" said the manager.

    Well I now know who he is and where he lives and, when and if I should come accross him once more, I can call him by his name and when he asks me how I knew I shall say "It's my business"

    What a twit. I am sure others have come accross one.


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    I know your pain.. luckily only had a similar experience once. you do get them though and sounds like you handled the situation well. If you hadnt of been quite so restrained then it could have ruined more than your evening. Im always as nice as pie to anyone i meet on my ground, even if theyre shooting. I cant 100% guarantee that the land owner hasnt let his long lost family go out for an evening so i think its worth the pleasantries at least until you have the facts.

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    ONCE....ONCE....You lucky b****rs I can have encounters every stalk, Its why I wear camo. I have been berated with 40mins of swearing by a mid 30's couple, psychotherapist and banker(no euphamisms) just for asking them to not trespass politely.

    That was the worst but I could go on for many posts about rude anti shooting people.

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    more commonly known down this way as "********s"

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    Quote Originally Posted by callie View Post
    more commonly known down this way as "********s"
    Unfortunatly the countryside is full of them, they assume they have the right to wonder anywhere and get very irate when asked to keep to footpaths and keep thier dogs under control.
    I have all but given up getting into heated discussion why we do what we do most dont listen or except it and never will.

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    Yep standing and smiling is he way! though I struggled to not laugh when I hadn't said a word in 40mins of shouted abuse. Was unbelievable

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    If I see hear or smell a human I disappear into thicket until danger has passed

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    Should have just said hello and kept going, tossers like that will not take in a reasoned response.
    Or do what I would have probably done and told him to go forth and multiply.........

    Email me, I need to ask you something.

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    Touch wood I dont get too many issues as described, although I had a new age traveller camped in a wood last year that became a bit abusive but had gone early the next morning

    I always find it pays to be polite, firm and then if they think they still have the right to be there, start taking photos of them and their dogs and vehicles with the camera phone. That tends to wind them up no end, and then as a passing comment tell them you are using it as evidence and walk off 99.9% of the time they dont come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    start taking photos of them and their dogs and vehicles with the camera phone. That tends to wind them up no end, and then as a passing comment tell them you are using it as evidence and walk off 99.9% of the time they dont come back.

    Why would you want to wind anyone up?

    Using your photos as evidence of what? (I have my own answer already, what's yours?)

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