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Thread: Hornet moderater

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    Hornet moderater

    HI just got a cz 527 hornet . and i need a sound moderater .i will be reloading any help will do.

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    hi ian i to have a cz 527 i have a jet z compact and ive just ordered an a tec compact off jager sa i will let you no how i get on with them.regards bushart

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    Hi Ian I have a Brno model 2 Fox in hornet and it has a JLS Stalker fitted, good bit of kit and dismantles for cleaning Regards reiver xxv

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    hornet mod

    hi ian,just sold my cz hornet and reloading gear,i found that 35 grn vmax and 11 grns of h110 with a light crimp ,at a 100 yrds gave me 1/4 to 1/2 ins groups,i also used midway dogtown bullets 34 grn hp,and 11.5 grns of h110 with again a light crimp, i used cci small pistol primers ,if any help atb steve

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    I have a T4. Works very well,it's size is proportionate to the rifle (Ruger M77) and it doesn't strip for cleaning so there's nothing to fiddle with
    ps.. been using it for years and no rust as they are reputed to do.


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    Another thumbs up for the T4

    It may not be the lightest, prettiest, or the most high tech but it does the job very well on my CZ527.

    Lil'gun is my powder of choice but I am told that H110 is the muts dangly bits too. The 35grain v-max is an awesome choice, my CZ just loves them accurate as the day is long and devestating to old Mr Charlie. A light crimp does seem to be the way to go.



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    hi gents thanks for that .I am goin to try the T4 for now .I got a T8 on my 223 think i will try lil gun

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