Paddy an Murphy are in the caravan after a days sun bathing on the beach.
Murphy decides has wants an all over tan but doesn't want to go totally nude on the beach the next day. So Paddy makes a suggestion that he digs a big hole then ly in it. Paddy will then bury him an leave Murphys todger out to get tanned in the sun. Murphy asked could Paddy move his todger from one side to another with a stick so he can get a tan on boths sides, Paddy agrees. Next morning both are down the beach early an Murphy is hard at digging the hole. Once finished Murphy strips off an lys down an paddy then procceds to cover all but his todger. So the sun comes up an Murphys todger starts getting tanned, and after a while he asks Paddy to turn it on the other side which he does.
An hour or two goes by an both Paddy an Murphy fall asleep, an while sleeping Murphy gets an ercetion that causes his todger to stand proud out of the sand and point straight up. Out of the blue a group of grannies are walking along the beach a come across the site where Murphy is sun bathing and spot Murphys todger sticking up. After about ten mins staring at Murphys todger a granny who had be lagging behind caught up an was inturn shown Murphys todger which by now was glowing red.
And the old granny to the shock of all the other turns around an says

Iv been married for 50 yrs just to have one of those, now i find them growing out in the wild, Life just aint fair any more lolololololol