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    Thumbs up Dorset Newbie

    Evening all,

    New to the forum but not to shooting, Been shooting since i was 8 now 32!!
    I do shoot a few driven days and do quote a lot of vermin shooting,
    I have a 12, 20, and 28 guage shotgun and a .22 rimmy, a 17HMR and a Tikka T3 .223
    I have only shot 1 Fallow whilst out with a friend but fancy doing a little bit more in the future, about to apply for a .308 as i have quite a few Sika on my permissions.
    I am also a commercial Vehicle sales Manager for a local Toyota Dealer and sell over 300 Hilux a year!!!!


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    Herefordshire, Hampshire or Essex
    Welcome - good to have you on board. We know where to come when we need a vehicle then....
    Nooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!! Our main weapon is.........

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    Hope you enjoy the site, I'm new as well. Sounds like you have some good plans for the future with the sika best of luck with it all. What do you shoot with your 28b? I'm a big fan of those!!

    atb Willy

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    Welcome to the site mate just bought a hilux on a 51 plate


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    Welcome hope you get a lot out of the forum. All the best N

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    Hi Willy,

    I mainly save the 28b for woodcock shooting in devon, Im a member of a walk one stand one shoot based in okehampton
    some cheap shooting really as we shoot every wednesday and it only costs me 150 a year!!!!!
    I've managed to miss 4 chances at left and rights so far including a pair of sitters with the 28 last season.
    we did have a syndicate member acheive his L/R last year!!
    I also use the 28b on some driven pheasant days normally on the last drive of the day.

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    Hi Truckboy1,

    Welcome to the site, it's always good to see local people on here. I take it then that you are South Dorset, having the Sika?
    Mainly Roe where I am but occasionally see the odd Sika on a patch I visit just outside Corfe Mullen.
    I'm actually on the look out for a new 4x4 as well!!



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    Good to see another dorset shooter on the forum


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    Hi and welcome, where in Dorset are you?


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    Evening all,

    Thanks for the warm welcome!!

    Hi Chickenman (Pete)
    I am based in Poole but have shooting in the Purbecks.

    Scooby565 (Paul) your right in your assumptions i do live in south Dorset, What sort of 4x4 are you after? I have sold a few to local dear stalkers and I ensure I always look after shooting folk.

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