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    old friend

    For 3 years now there has been a cracking buck i have been stalking on my bit of land he has eluded me on many occasions but this year has presented himself twice to me and everytime i have missed the shot he is the kind of beast that at the sight of him gets my adrenaline going i have only missed 2 shots since stalking. i am baffled as to why this is only happens when in the presence of this buck has anyone had this experience .

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    Sounds like you have a phycological battle on your hands!!
    Your mind says take him, your heart says miss him.

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    I have had this in the past with some big Sika Stags. They seem to sense when they are safe, and they are like ghosts sometimes. But patience is the key, you have to think like they do. I have had more people miss a big Sika than any other species.

    But the old saying I always tell clients is "They dont get big by being stupid"

    Good luck, try at the end of this month, if the Roe suddenly start a false rut, you might just get the advantage by using a call, but if there is no false rut, you will have to try and take him by getting to know his area better then he does.

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    Big Bucks

    A bit of ground that I have on the edge of the new forest which I now only use a few times each year has such a Roebuck on it-he is a very big probable Gold Medal & a few years ago when the blood was up & I was still chasing "medal Heads" I dry fired on the beast in question as the round had not picked up in the mag having just previously shot a fox in the field next door half an hour before, (should have checked I know)!!!

    Safe to say he was off in a flash as soon as he herd the click.

    I did not see him again until this summer when I had a Europian Guest out who insisted on getting in as close as possible to an animal prior to shot.

    As the prev post says "they never get big by being stupid" & once again he was off like the wind prior to shot-when the client could have taken him from where he was with ease & was instructed by me that this was his best chance & a safe shot that was within his ability.

    Still there is always the next time he shows up on our side of the fence. guess

    Regs Lee

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