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Thread: New home required.

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    New home required.

    This is probably not the right section but am not sure where to put it. I know a bloke who has a couple of wild boar that need re-housing. Dont think he wants much if anything, maybe a stalk or two. However he does not want them used for anything other than breeding. Movement licence would be needed.

    PM if interested.

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    Do they have afrodisiac properties

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    Hi Tambour, what sort of area are they in?

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    Probably a STY , sorry couldnt resist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgy View Post
    Probably a STY , sorry couldnt resist
    Wrong! Ones in a house of Straw, the other sticks - lol!

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    Ha bloody ha! :P

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    might be interested pending a check on if a dwa license is in place PM sent

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    paul its andy what month r u thinking of going to bulgaria i will ask john and daz just depends on this job getting done on time i would go

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