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Thread: YDS's 100th deer this year.

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    YDS's 100th deer this year.

    Well this buck is the manor house buck some of you boys may have seen in the last few days/weeks.
    He has eluded me in the sense of backstop issues.
    A shot was offered and taken after a long talk as to what was acceptable and what was not(before he showed).
    The landowner knew we were there and the place was in shut down for added saftey.
    Risk assesments done and all aware what was going on.
    This buck has been doing massive damage to the manicured grounds so it was one who had to go.
    I assure you it was safe. So no comments otherwise please. You were not there so should not comment.
    The bullet can be seen hitting the earth bank (which rises as part of a flight pond 12ft) behind the deer.(the uncut grass area) The client can be seen off to my right so had even more backstop then the camera shows.
    This is the 100th deer this year for YDS so well chuffed.

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    Well done mate, are you going to crack open a can of Top-Deck shandy to celebrate?


    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

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    Nothing wrong with shot and backstop
    Good vid.

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    Is this the buck we never got a shot on yesterday John?


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    Nice going lads and its nice to hear that deer are getting turned down because of back stops and safty issues. I my self saw a very special buck this morning and as is normal in my area he was stood with a M road as his back stop i watched him for a while and wished him well. I am also glad your clients understand John some times i have had the feeling that they would shoot on comand given a half chance

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    Well done on the 100th deer and video

    It's amazing how high the deer can jump,fall and get back up and run off despite being shot- how far did he eventually get?

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    Are you sure there was a backstop? I think he missed it?? Well wouldn't be one of your threads if someone didn't say it!!!(just pulling your leg, videos still downloading!)

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    He went 35m's.
    Yes George the one i've been seeing regular.
    Got down to the telewag pole and stopped him infrount of the bank.
    His luck had to run out eventually.

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    Top class educational video on how a perfectly heart shot buck reacts, liked the slow mo bit as well

    And congrats on the 100th, a memorable one when you been chasing him for a while.


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