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Thread: Deer processing / butchering DVD swap

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    Deer processing / butchering DVD swap

    I am looking for a copy of butchering and meat processing related DVD's.

    I have approximately sixty different, stalking/shooting DVD's myself which I am happy to swap if anyone can help me out.

    I am aware that the following exist and would be interested in any of them and of any others you may have or be aware of.

    Venison done right butchering 101
    Quality Deer Processing Vol 1 - ground meats
    Quality Deer Processing Vol 2 - skinning, cutting front 1/4s & Neck
    Quality Deer Processing Vol 3 - Rounds, Loin, Boning, Burger, Wrapping
    Quality Meat Processing Vol 1 - Beef Tenderloins and bonless pork loins
    Deer and big game processing Vol 1
    Venison carcase butchery
    Deer Processing 1 - field dressing and skinning
    Deer processing 2 - boning the deer carcass
    Field to the freezer expert guide to deer butchering and carcass preperation
    Home deer processing
    ask the meatman deer processing
    Field dressing and butchering whitetail

    If anyone can help, please send me a pm, ill send you my list and we can sort something out.



    ps I am aware of the ones on youtube already.
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    I now have a copy of Deer and big game processing Vol 1 but would still be very keen to hear from anyone who has any of the others.


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    Hello David.
    I have 1 if you are interested. I have watched it once and got bum ache-3 hours long.
    Title-DEER PROCESSING 101.
    Produced by Brad Lockwood,
    Seneca creek Prductions.


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