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Thread: How is the hearing?

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    How is the hearing?

    here is a test

    I only got the 8 and 10,

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    I'm def

    8, 10 12....yeah! get in...Oh that means I'm def
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    I got the 8 and the 10, and just (I think) the 12kHz!!! Perhaps if I had been using CF mods. 30 years ago I may have got a bit further??



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    It is worth considering that many loudspeakers may not be able to reproduce the higher frequencies and even if they claim they can there may be some element of attenuation related to increasing frequency.

    It is also the case that higher frequencies may cause forms of distortion in the reproduction system in use which then present as lower frequency harmonics - so you might play a very high frequency noise but actually be hearing a much lower frequency harmonic.

    Human hearing is also infulenced to a significant degree by the "condition" of the person. So a person who is tired or unwell my find that this impacts in a most significant way upon their hearing. Your hearing can vary from day to day.

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    I definately heard the 8, but could only just discern the 10, but there again I've been shooting, starting with shotguns since the age of fourteen and at 63 I'm not surprised at my hearing loss

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    8 to 14 for me.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    if it ringing i can hear em all even when they are not on.
    otherwise non.
    but i have a rem mag with a brake.
    joking aside cant hear any off em my ears ring all the time.
    shotgun when shooting pigeons for a living did me 20 odd years ago.

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    Now I've got bloody great big lugs and i can't hear a thing. Pigeon shooting did my hearing as well

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    At nearly 75 after 66 years shooting I can get the 8 and thats it, trouble is I can't read the instructions.

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