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Thread: Loading with the safety on;

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    Loading with the safety on;

    I was talking to a chap last week and we were discussing various makes of rifle;

    Sako, Sauer, Tikka etc....

    He was saying that he would never consider buying one of these or any brand of rifle that you could not load with the safety catch engaged.

    In all honesty it has never occurred to me to try and load my rifle with the safety on, whenever I load the rifle before stalking the muzzle is always pointed into the ground and as the round is chambered and the bolt goes down I apply the safety.
    If I'm reloading after a shot then obviously the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction (as I would not have shot otherwise) and the safety is also applied if a quick follow up is not needed and I'm just covering the beast.

    I was just curious as to who else loads with the safety on or if it is posssible in the rifle they use.

    I should mention that my rifle is a Sako 75 action and when I unload I do it the saftey on.

    All the best

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    I use a 75 myself and need to un-safe it to work the bolt.

    I couldn't give a monkeys though, if I had the option of loading with safety engaged,,who cares. load it, lock it - job done, it's second nature. Only a beginner might make the mistake of loading a round and not putting the safety on IMHO.

    what is supposed to happen, you close the bolt on a round with the safety off, and accidentally squeese the trigger before you would otherwise have put the safety on...don't get the problem

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    I too own Sako 75's and can they all can be both loaded and unloaded with the safety catch applied as can every other Sako 75 and 85 I have ever handled.

    so am a bit confused by the comments that they cannot be loaded and unloaded without taking the safety off

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    Odd! when my safety is on I can't move the bolt handle..hmm..

    I have the type where you can lock the bolt with a key...

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    Quote Originally Posted by J Blane View Post
    I too own Sako 75's and can they all can be both loaded and unloaded with the safety catch applied as can every other Sako 75 and 85 I have ever handled.

    so am a bit confused by the comments that they cannot be loaded and unloaded without taking the safety off
    J. Spot on. I just push the small square lever in front of the safety catch and raise the bolt handle. I did have to demo this to someone at a Best Practice day. Regards JCS
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    I have a Sauer 202 which locks the bolt when the safety is on and therefore needs to be off to load or reload.

    I also have a Mannlicher Pro Hunter which can be loaded and unloaded with the safety on.

    With both rifles I always point the rifle in a safe direction when loading or unloading.


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    Loading with the safety catch on is a bit "belt and braces".

    Does he wear 2 condoms when getting his leg over?
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    The safety is in principle the usual on/off type. When engaged (rear position),
    the safety also locks the bolt handle in the closed position. In the forward position
    the safety is “Off”, which is indicated by the red warning dot (E). If the rifle
    is also cocked, the red cocking indicator (F) is visible behind the bolt shroud. The
    red dot on the key knob (H) is also visible if the rifle is provided with the KEY
    CONCEPT® safety locking system. The rifle is then READY TO FIRE.
    For safety reasons, the safety is provided with a button (G) that you can push to
    open the bolt, for example, to load or unload the rifle while the safety is engaged.
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    I have always loaded with the safety on, as I lift the bolt and draw it back I take the safety back to on. Just been taught that way and will always. I think its good and it suits me. So long as you have a habit formed it doesn't matter to much. Saying that I have had a client load the rifle with his little finger on the trigger and it gave us both a scare. A safety should never prevail over safe gun handling so it makes no odds apart from silly errors such as I said.

    I do think though, that the sprung safety on a sako is the wrong way, it seems to spring forward but needs significant pressure to put on? Why so and is it changeable?

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    The stalkers that really scare me are the Blaser owners who are adamant that it is perfectly safe to have a chambered round in any situation such as in the car footwell as a Blaser safety system means the rfile can never go off.

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