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Thread: How many in Hampshire ?

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    How many in Hampshire ?

    Hi all

    I cant help myself I have just got to have a 7x57mm but the only trouble is I already have three full bore stalking rifles i.e .243, 6.5x55 and .30-06.
    Do any of you living in Hampshire have four or more (not including target rifles) permitted for stalking.
    Did you have any problems with Hants firearms department?
    As you will all understand I cant possibly survive without any of my others, I know the 6.5 is very close, but the 7x57 I just fancy

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    Yep i have 4, inc. a 7x57! But I am a professional deer manager, that can make a difference as the good reason can be a bit "elastic" with some people....... Anton

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    Hampshire are normally OK if they are all different calibres, I currently have a 308 and 6mm, with slots for 260 barrel and 223 - all conditioned for deer and target shooting though.

    The current problem appears to be response time: used to be measured in days for a variation, now more like weeks or months

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