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    A few evenings ago i was out with Martin down at a place of his sitting out for a muntie buck /fox in a valley that can only be described as a stalkers paradise.Never been here and seen nothing and this evening was no different .Got myself to a bush i usually sit under and lost myself in the surroundings to be honest as will be revealed in a second .
    A roe doe ran down over just to my left ,got my wind and barked only 15 yds away ,ran down to a fence which she followed uphill a bit and dipped under to reappear on the opposite slope but much calmer.watched her for ages through the bins but got distracted by a trio of buzzards calling above me.Glassing the far hedgeline on the opposite valley i was suddenly aware of movement on the grass below me and looking down i saw a fox carrying a roe kid. Charlie was face on so i had to wait for him to move before picking up the rifle ,already on high 'pod. Lined up his head and pulled the trigger to which there was a louder than normal bang from the old cannon and charlie fell dead .Martin phoned me to say he'd just shot a fox from a good way away ,out in front of me and why hadn't i seen it ?. It then twigged that we had fired at exactly the same time.
    A dog fox with maybe a touch of mange but otherwise well fed with a still warm roe kid that he'd eaten the head off.
    Martin on seeing this has declared open war on them as he loves his deer too.
    Martin also asked if id seen the muntie buck trot along the fence line below but i must have been sidetracked by the buzzards .Excellent evening mate .

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    Dinner and a fox in one shot. Well done.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    My mate found a litter of cubs with 3 half grown muntjac at the earth this year

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    Seen that on many occasions mate which is somewhat strange as we never see the buggers ourselves .

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    Yes mate .Martin shot it just back from the middle and i hit it in the head being much closer .

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