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Thread: .22 mod for .17 hmr

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    .22 mod for .17 hmr

    i have a parker hale .22 mod for my .22lr and am wondering if anyone uses one on a .17 hmr and how they fair

    cheers pj

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    evening, i have same mod and use it on 17 hmr its not as good as a sak one but does the job ok so saves me buying one hope this is some help regards john h

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    thanks john.

    my friend had a sak on his .22 lr. we tested the two with a decible meter on a mobile phone and couldnt tell the differance. i was wondering if the bigger internal volume of the sak copes better with more gas from the .17 and i guessed you answered that. think i will just try my mod when i have saved up for the rifle and see how it goes

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