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Thread: Mouflon & Blackbuck

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    Mouflon & Blackbuck

    Hi, guys - very interested in shooting a nice Mouflon and Blackbuck and wonder if anyone can steer me in the right direction for a UK source. Thanks. Bill.

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    Free range mouflon are available at a reasonable cost in most of Europe. Wouldnt that be a more satisfying trophy to hang on the wall?
    I'm intersted to see how your mouflon taxidermy looks though, as I intend to go for one myself next year. I found a good looking area in Hungary to go to.

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    There are Mouflon at Mereworth Castle in Kent, and PM Chopper on here Re: Blackbuck

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    Hi Bill,

    we offer mouflon hunting in Bulgaria
    for more details Helia hunting | Home
    we can guarantee good trophy over 90 cm.


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    Trqbva da postna link kam nashiq forum na lov ta da vidqt horata 4e otvarqme angli4anite na lov.Kolega ti voabste bil li si v uk?

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